Common Rabbit Vocabulary

ARBA= American Rabbit Breeders Association -besides the fair, people can show purebred rabbits at ARBA shows, show listings can be found on the website. 

Buck = male

Doe = female

Senior = 6 months or older or senior weight(breed specific in ARBA standards)

Junior = less than 6 months, juniors that weigh more than junior weight limits should and can be shown as a senior for shows 

 Blue = gray

Chocolate = Brown

Leg = When you show a rabbit at an ARBA show and receive first in a class of 5 or more, with at least three exhibitors you get a certificate called a leg. Many legs helps prove it is a good show    rabbit.

Brood = means breeding animal

Proven = means has had a litter before

Peanut = Rabbit receiving a double dwarf gene(homozygous recessive)  (netherland dwarf, mini rex, holland lop, a few more) Polish are not suppose to carry this gene. Peanuts will not live very long at all.

BOB = Best of Breed

BOSB/BOS = Best opposite sex of breed, in shows a judge picks the best rabbit of the breed then the best rabbit of the opposite sex.

BOV/BOSV = Best Opposite of Variety, Best opposite sex of Variety, means best rabbit of the specific color it and the best opposite sex of that color.

BOG/BOSG - for netherland dwarfs, they are shown in varieties and then as groups. Shaded, Agouti, Tan Pattern, are a few groups. A judge will pick best of all varieties within their group. Most 4H Shows don't do this, just ARBA shows.

 Dewlap = fold of skin underneath the chin. Only does get this. Can be showable with dewlaps, depending on which breed. 

Kits/Kittens- baby rabbits

Bunny = Same exact meaning as rabbit, does not only refer to baby rabbits.

Hare = are species of lagomorph(Rabbits, hares, pikas) that are born with their eyes open and have a few other characteristics different from rabbits. Some breeds (Belgian Hare) look like hares, but are still rabbits.

Smut = darker hares appearing on certain colors. Californians can easily get smut. Some himalayan netherland dwarfs look smutty(greyish) until they shed their baby coat, then they look nice and white. 

 Pose = Each breed has a specific way they should sit to be shown. The pose for a holland lop and netherland dwarf is sitting up, polish are posed with their heads down and bodies compact.



 PLEASE NOTE- below is my suggestions

Do not use cat litter for rabbits, it is toxic, if you want to try litter training use wood shavings. Don't use cedar shavings.

Feeding: pellets-16-17 protein is good, try avoiding fancy small bags of gourmet rabbit food since it is mostly treats.

-grassy hay (timothy hay) not moldy

-fresh, clean water (not all rabbits know how to use a bottle at first) 

Cleaning: clean trays at a minimum weekly, if they are on shavings then every day

Cage size:  small breeds(netherlands-hollands <6lbs) minimum 16x16, preferred 16x18 to 24x24

medium rabbits(6-8lbs ish)  minimum 24x24 larger preferred, about 24x 30 or 30x30 for large breed is preferred, especially for flemish giants. Can always give larger cages.(with ONE rabbit per cage!!!!!) 

 # of rabbits in cage: One. rabbits don't need buddies they are different than other pets, can lead to fighting or food sharing issues. Many people have multiples but they will just jump each other, pick on each other, or don't share food well, and need more space.

* If you want two rabbits from ME, you need two separate cages

Breeding: leave rabbits in cage with supervision few minutes, then remove...bucks should never stay in a cage too long since the does can get sassy, and especially if they are due! Expect babies around 28-32 days

nesting box is needed, made of wood or metal big enough so the rabbit fits and can turn around in it, also give extra hay or straw for the doe to make a nest ahead of time. 

 Temperature: rabbits handle cold better than warmth, no direct sunlight or cold drafts. Air circulation is recommended though. Garages are most of the time fine sometimes add fans or insulation. Direct sunlight can bleach/lighten show coats/fur color.