For Sale

Prices starting at $30. We do NOT sell cages. Prices based on show quality.
On average ~$40-$75 for show rabbits. 

All rabbits I own are purebred and have pedigrees, pedigrees will be supplied for show purposes. 

Email if you are looking for something specific.

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin

Please Read:

  • Do research and have supplies already before inquiring about rabbits for sale
  • No Transport (I do go to many rabbit shows though where I can bring for sale rabbits)
  • No Holds
  • No shipping
  • No mix breeding sales
  • No blind sales (must see rabbit before purchasing)
  • I never loan bucks for breeding
  • I will NOT sell multiple rabbits going in the same cage
  • Not spayed or neutered
  • No pedigree IF I think the rabbit shouldn't be used for breeding (pet quality)
  • Not litter trained (but rabbits are pretty easy to litter train (using shavings never cat litter)).
  • Mine use water dishes, they do NOT know how to use water bottles. (also, easy to train to, just make sure you see them using bottle before taking a bowl/dish away)
  • It is illegal to sell rabbits under 8 weeks, please never buy one that young


Black, Blue (rarely have for sale), Broken, and Chocolate

 Netherland Dwarfs 

I focus on the Shaded variety especially Sable Points.

Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Seal (nonshowable), Black and Blue Himalayans, Ruby-eyed Whites

 My netherlands should only be bred to shaded variety to reduce unwanted colors.

We no longer raise Holland Lops


I can not promise the rabbit will show well. I will be honest about any faults, disqualifications, or behaviors of the rabbits I sell. I will not sell any unhealthy rabbits.  

[email protected]      Yvonne or Lisa will respond as soon as they can. 

 or call (920) 749- 2948  between 8am-7pm please leave message with phone# if get voicemail   

Location: North side of Appleton, WI

Bring carrier/box if picking up rabbit