For Sale


All rabbits I own are purebred and have pedigrees. 

 Price Range  $25+ Netherland Dwarfs tend to be more expensive than my Polish.

 Looking for a pet? 

I will not sell multiple rabbits that will be housed together. Absolutely NO exceptions. It is not a good idea.

This can become a 6-10 year commitment. Research first. Have a cage and supplies before purchasing. 

Are you willing to clean the cage weekly-daily, purchase (pellets, shavings, and other supplies), clip its claws when needed, provide it a safe home protected from harsh weather, give it attention? 

Mine are not spayed or neutered, they don't need to be if they are housed individual(which they should be) but some people find it beneficial.  

 Email to find out what I have available, include the following: 

Are you looking for ARBA show, brood, 4H, or pet?

What breed, sex, age, and color are you looking for? (possible colors are listed on the Home page)

Do you have any experience raising rabbits?

---Please note I do NOT transport and will NOT meet halfway. Pick up only in Appleton, WI or at a rabbit show I am attending. 



 Looking for Show? 


Varieties include: Black, Blue (rarely have for sale), Broken, and Chocolate

 Netherland Dwarfs 

I focus on the Shaded variety especially Sable Points.

Varieties include: Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Seal(nonshowable), Black and Blue Himalayans, Ruby Eyed Whites (REW) 


Note: I do not sell breeding pairs.


Email to find out what I have available, please include the following: 

What breed, sex, age, variety, and characteristics are you looking for?

Do you need a brood, proven brood, or show rabbit?

Is it for 4H, FFA, or ARBA?

Are you new to showing, how much experience do you have with rabbits?

 Other side notes:  

Mine are NOT  litter trained, that doesn't mean they can't be trained.

Mine USE DISHES, they won't know how to use a bottle right away. Put bottle and dish in a cage until you know it is drinking from it, if you want to use bottles. 

It is illegal to sell rabbits under 8 weeks of age, and is wrong! Just because they eat food doesn't mean their bodies are ready to go through the stress of a new home. Please NEVER buy a rabbit under 8 weeks old! 

If you decide you can't handle the rabbit I sold you, return it to me! I may reimburse you if its within a few days depending on the circumstance. Please don't just go give it to a shelter(I will pay for its care).  






[email protected]             Location: APPLETON, WI

I have the right to refuse a sale.

NO transport

NO holds

NO shipping

NO multiple rabbit discounts (sometimes for 4H/show I may depending on circumstance)

NO mix breeding sales, I only sell for 4H/FFA/ARBA purebred breeding purposes.

I will NOT use my bucks to breed your does.

-You must see the rabbit in person before buying (picture doesn't count)